The Kingdom of Stormwind (also called Kingdom of Azeroth) is a human kingdom, nation and country on the southern continent of the Eastern Kingdoms, Liones - with its capital at Stormwind City. Originally settled by descendants of the Arathi, Stormwind flourished until the First War when it was conquered and laid waste by the Orcish Horde. The survivors of that conflict, led by Anduin Lothar, sought refuge in Lordaeron, but were able to reclaim their homeland at the end of the Second War with the aid of the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Stormwind is ruled by the House of Wrynn from their court at Stormwind Keep. Presently, the throne is occupied by King Varian Wrynn, father of Anduin Wrynn - who reigned in the absence of his father for a few years. Anduin was governed by his co-regents, Lady Katrana Prestor and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. Also aiding in the governing of Stormwind is the House of Nobles, an executive branch of Stormwind's government who currently aids King Varian in Stormwind, during the difficult times the Alliance face now.

Stormwind's control and influence now reaches across all of the continent of Azeroth but it is unknown if Stranglethorn Vale falls under its jurisdiction due to the multitudes of other factions each having some sort of claim to the land.



Territories and Outposts of StormwindEdit

Notable LeadersEdit



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